Quick Hits – Early Fantasy Football Mock Drafts 2013

The 2013 NFL season is upon us and so is the 2013 Fantasy Football Season. The NFL Draft has passed, OTA’s are under way and the roster news is pouring in quickly. Now is the time to start your mock drafts.

I’ve been mock drafting for about a month now, mainly on FantasyFootballCalculator.com. They have great tools for analyzing the ADP’s of the top players, providing graphs and comparisons all for free. You can sort by week, month, or year to view the ADP trends of all players. VERY HANDY. News travels fast and ADP’s change accordingly. Seriously, I cannot stress this tool enough!

If you want to be successful in fantasy football, mock drafts really are the best research. My friends make fun of me for doing so many mock drafts and doing them so early, but I firmly believe they are what keep me perennially in the top 5 teams of all my leagues come fantasy football season. The whole season starts with your draft. It is the most important aspect of fantasy football, followed closely by waiver wire pickups.

Start the 2013 fantasy football season off right. Get to mock drafting. Do your research. See who is falling, who is rising. The information is there for the taking. Get the leg up on your opponents.


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